Even intermittent visits to the nation house will become more comfortable with the access to hot water, since after completing all the work in the backyard it is nice to bring a warm shower. After the family goes to reside in the country for the whole summer, the relevance of water heating increases. It is possible to fix the problem with warm water by installing a water heater for your summer shower in the country house, working from different energy sources.

Assortment of plain water heaters

Selecting a water heater for house and cabin should first of all pay attention, from which energy source it works. The second important thing – it is correct to choose the product about the procedure of heating . The water heater to get dacha can be selected flow-through or storage. From these important nuances is contingent on the comfort of using the device, as well as energy savings.

The very popular and in demand for showers in the countryside are all water heaters that operate on power. A prerequisite for the usage of this gadget is the presence of an electrical system. Today it is rare that a dacha doesn’t have electricity. In extreme circumstances, the owners have been outfitted with portable electric generators.

Electric water heater is cheap and you can join yourself. Optimal for the shower to use the accumulation type device. It’s any container using a heating component installed indoors – a heating component. Often such water heaters into the shower at the summer house make their own, but they are not safe. It is much better to purchase a factory-made shower tank with an integrated heater and automated security.

Among electrical versions, you will find flow-through water heaters. From the shower at the cabin they are placed very infrequently. To begin with, it requires constant water pressure in the pump or plumbing. Second, flow-through versions are outfitted with powerful heating components. In addition to the high consumption of electricity, not all of dacha wiring may resist the load.

Warning! When using an electric device in the shower, then you will need to look after safety to prevent electrocution through washing.

Water heaters operating on gasoline

In second shtorymax.ru place are all gas water heaters for dacha flow-through form. Their choice is a result of the presence of a gasoline line. The unit can operate from a cylinder of liquefied gas, however this water heating system will be expensive. A gas burner can be set up at the base. When the stream of water starts, the automation arouses the flame and hot water instantly appears in the output. In general – it is an ordinary gas water heater. The disadvantage of using a water heater is that the existence of continuous water pressure.

On sale you can get a storage gas water heater, however it’s typically made large in size, and for showering needs does not go.

Warning. Connect the water heater to the gas main can simply workers of a technical company. Unauthorized connection threatens a large fine and danger to life. Wood burning water heaters

Now, wood-fired water heaters are slowly becoming a thing of the past. They are remembered by men and women in the 60s and 70s of the last century. With this kind of boiler, bathing used to be difficult. The unit consists of a storage tank mounted onto a toaster cooker. Throughout the tank runs a metal chimney. When burning wood, then the water is heated by the warm smoke coming out via the tube.

Modern wood-fired water heaters have changed slightly, however the principle of their job is still the same. Wood-fired water heater at the shower now is seldom utilized, unless the cabin is located far away in the middle of nowhere, where there is no gas or electricity.

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