Such a construction can be purchased in a shop or make your own handsfree. Plastic stand is suitable to maintain at a corner of the shed or garage, and if needed, transported to some place.

Homemade device is normally made from timber, treated with impregnation – it’s affordable and durable material that is easy to work with.

The stand could be constructed from ready-made pallets – the most important issue is that the construction is stable. Thanks to the numerous cells garden tools do not collapse, it is easy to put away and eliminate them.

Pallet rack

From the picture a rack to get shovels and rakes, together with a folding seat. Garden storage cupboard or utility box

The primary benefit of backyard cabinets is the existence of doors that hide the unsightly image. The plan can stand alone from the depths of the dacha plot, or attached to the wall of the home or barn.

Household cubes are offered ready-made, however with due diligence this type of construction could be assembled from improvised materials and create a filling for their particular needs. You ought to nail a few hooks (for the hose and tiny objects ), hang shelves, rails or install a vertical rack.

Another alternative is to use an old cupboard, protected with paint or stain. It is necessary that the structure fit into the landscape layout.

Garden tool shed

From the photo, a tiled wooden storage shed, which uses not just the interior area, but in addition the doors. Mobile box

Wooden construction in the kind of a block – an interesting and aesthetic approach to store garden tools. The foundation of this box – three shelves using perforations. The holes provide stability for tools with extended handles. However, there are pins for various little objects, and at the bottom you will find furniture wheels, which help to move the drawer to virtually any location.

  • 作品名称 / Name
  • 尺寸 / Size
  • 材质 / Material
  • 创作日期 / Date
舞台 / Stage
自画像 / Self-portrait
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